How does the Tom and Terri Murphy Foundation function?

The Tom and Terri Murphy Foundation is a groundbreaking movement and we can’t do it alone. We are leading with our MISSION, casting the VISION, creating the CULTURE, “you belong “, working together and sharing our stories. The momentum is our guiding light along with Divine intervention. YOU have the power to inspire others to move this Mission forward.

It is our calling and objective to design the Tom and Terri Murphy Foundation, Pathways to Independence program at various Catholic colleges by drawing upon the best elements of the existing Life Skills programs that various institutions utilize. We intend to merge the Five Pillars:

(1) Academic Knowledge; (2) Social and Psychological Development; (3) Independent/Residential Living Skills; (4) Vocational Skills; and (5) Faith Formation/Catholic Value-Centered.

Won’t you partner with us to answer Antonio’s question. “what’s next”?