Program Pillars

Pathways to Independence Program

Building upon the momentum of inclusion in many Catholic schools throughout our nation, the Foundation seeks to grow and nurture this inspiration to open gates in our Catholic high schools. The next step is bringing Pathways to Independence to inclusive Catholic colleges and universities across the country.

Options Students

Welcome to Bishop Hendricken High School

Program Student

Welcome to Villanova University


The essential element to a life well lived is to be anchored in faith. The Pathways to Independence Program will support students in their ongoing faith development through; community, service, liturgies, retreats and Campus Ministry.


The Brother Thomas R. Leto Options Program opened its doors in 2008. Br. Leto recognized the need to educate ALL young men, and his vision provided students with special needs the “option” of benefiting from a Catholic Christian education.


Bishop Hendricken Options Program provides spiritual, social, and psychological development skills for our students. They learn the importance of their relationships with others’ behaviors, attitudes, and intentions.


The Tom and Terri Murphy Foundation is committed to promulgating inclusion in Catholic High Schools and on to Catholic colleges and universities, focusing on a residential, life skills certificate program.


In addition to academic knowledge and life skills, Pathways to Independence will provide students the opportunity to express their interest in a vocational placement to enhance their career exploration for their future.

When we are in the presence of these students we are as close as we can be with Saints on earth

Tom Murphy