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At the Tom and Terri Murphy foundation, we facilitate and financially support the establishment of inclusive programs in Catholic high schools and colleges for motivated young adults with mild to moderate intellectual differences, allowing them to fully explore and realize their intellectual and personal potentials. Our foundation was born out of the generosity of one couple, inspired by the hope of inclusion, and with your gift, we will continue to realize our mission and call on Catholic institutions of eduction to do the same. We now strive to establish inclusive, faith-based programs in every region across the country.

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Martha Murray, National Director

The Tom and Terri Murphy Foundation is a federally-recognized, 501(c)(3) charitable organization operating under a tax-exempt status.

A person who is generous…is a person who builds Heaven on earth. That person may not be noticed, and yet, what he or she does will not be lost because good lasts forever.

Pope Francis